Terms of Service

The present document “Terms of Service for the Arnacom Service” (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) consists of terms governing the relationship between Need for site LLP. (hereinafter referred to as “Arnacom”, “The service”) and the customer of the service (hereinafter “customer”, “user”, “you”).

1. Basic provisions

Need for site LLP. provides the user with services according to the terms set out in the present document.

The Terms of Service can be corrected or supplemented by the administration without notifying users, and the changes enter into force from the moment that the document is placed on the company's official website at https://arnacom.com.

The user agrees to the Terms for using the service at the moment of registering for the service by creating a personal account. In the event that you do not consent to any of the terms, the administration is entitled to deny you use of the service.

1.2. Services provided

Arnacom provides the user access to specialized services, including a service for e-mail distribution.

The user has access to the following actions and documents:

1.3. User registration

Registration of user account is carried out on the official website at https://arnacom.com/loginregister.php.

During registration, the user fills in required fields with personal information (name, e-mail address) and specifies a password which the user will subsequently use for entering his/her account. The user is not allowed to give his/her username and password to a third party. The user bears full responsibility for the safety of his/her username and password.

All personal information is subject to use by the service and can be used by employees of the service to contact the user.

The user is obligated to provide valid information during the registration process: customers who provide invalid contact information will be deprived of use of the service. Employees of the service have the right to demand that the client confirm his/her personal information in order to determine its validity.

1.4. Payment for services

After going through the registration process, every customer of the service becomes a user of the free plan provided by the service for 30 days. Transitioning to a paid plan shall mean that you are satisfied with the quality of the service.

The service provides a set of billing plans. The user has the right and ability to change his/her billing plan to another, more convenient plan at any time. All operations for changing the billing plan (or paying for the plan) are carried out by the customer in his/her account.

Payment of any billing plan or additional service shall take the form of 100% prepayment.

2. The user's account

2.1. Account creation

After going through the registration process (section 1.3), an account is automatically created for the user. All actions regarding billing plans, and payment shall from this moment be carried out through the account.

2.2. Personal account information

When registering, the user provides a personal e-mail address which will be used as a username, and a personal password, for accessing the service. This information is strictly confidential and will not be transmitted to third parties. Other information for presentation your products and services such as website domain name, your email and your company business information may be displayed to other users according to the service functionality.

2.3. Account management

User may also upload the addresses of mailing-list recipients to his/her account to create address books. All uploaded e-mail addresses are considered the property of the user and are confidential information which is protected by the Privacy Policy of the service.

The administration of the service has the right to track user activity and, in the event that the user is suspected of sending spam, to temporarily block the account.

2.4. Account deletion

The user has the right to, at any time, request the deletion of his/her account. Any funds remaining on the account shall not be returned.

The company will not refund money to users blocked for violating the Anti-spam Policy.

3. Electronic mailings

Arnacom includes a service for e-mail communications through own or third party's SMTP server.

3.1. Creating electronic mailings

Electronic mailings include communications that have been drawn up as well as lists of addresses and the process of sending e-mails to subscribers and contact list.

The user bears full responsibility for the context of mailings, which in turn must correspond to the rules set by the service's Anti-spam Policy. Otherwise, the service has the right to suspend the user's account until it has ascertained the circumstances.

3.2. Mailing lists

A user of Arnacom has the right to send communications only to such people who have expressed their consent to receiving communications from him/her. The recipients' consent must be received by the user personally. Upon the request of the service administration, the user must provide corresponding proof of recipients' consent.

The service guarantee subscribers the ability to opt out of any further communications (through the presence of an unsubscribe link in the e-mail) and shall also enter into the unsubscribers list or remove from the list contact details, the owners of which have expressed their desire to opt out of mailings.

Use of illegally obtained subscriber bases and distributing spam through Arnacom is strictly prohibited.

3.3. Sending electronic mailings

An e-mail campaign created by the user may pass through a moderation process.

Each mailing will contain an unsubscribe link, i.e. a way for subscribers to opt out of receiving further communications. The link cannot be removed or hidden. The service will automatically add its own standard link to the e-mail.

3.4. Delivery of electronic mailings

The time when mailings are delivered to their recipients varies depending on a number of factors and circumstances. The service shall not be liable for mailings being undelivered to recipients, in equal measure, as well as any delays in delivery.

Messages may go undelievered or be delayed for the following reasons:

4. Additional services

The array of additional services includes services provided by the service's basic functionality.

All additional services are paid in addition to the cost of activating a billing plan (with the exception of the free plan).

5. Obligations of users of the Arnacom service

The user is obliged:

The user has the right to not agree with the terms for using in the service. In that case, the user will be denied further use of the service.

5. Obligations of the Arnacom service

The Arnacom service is obliged:

The administration reserves the right to make changes to the interface and functionality of the Aracom service and billing plans, and it shall notify the user of this in a mailing.

The administration reserves the right to unilaterally amend the Terms of Use for the service without prior notice to the user. The updated Terms of Service shall come into force from the moment they are placed on the company's official website.

6. Restrictions

The administration of the service has the right to forbid (or limit) the user from any actions contrary to the service's Terms of Service. These actions may include any listed below, as well as actions which, in the opinion of service employees, violate the Terms of Service for the service.

7. Disclaimer of warranties and liability

The administration of the service bears no responsibility for the user's actions taken as a result as failure to understand or a mistaken understanding of the Terms of Service for the service.

The service does not guarantee to recipients of mailings, sent out through its service, the accuracy of the information they receive. The responsibility for the legality and accuracy of any information that the user sends through the service is borne by the user. The administration of the service has the right to call the user to account for his/her actions if it believes that they are contrary to the Terms of Service for the Arnacom service.

8. Antispam policy

8.1. General conditions

Any registered user of Arnacom can send email messages to his/her friends, family, colleagues, clients, contacts, subscribers etc. using our service.

Arnacom forbids any SPAM messages to be sent from our service at any time.

8.2. Email Spam

We consider any unexpected, or unwanted Email message sent to the email recipients in order to extort their valuables from them or to mislead them, or any message originating from someone you have not authorized to have your email address to be SPAM.

Email messages must comply with the following principles:

It is strictly forbidden to send messages to illegally collected mailing lists.

9. Concluding provisions

When registering for service, the user automatically accepts the Terms of Service and shows his/her agreement with the service's Anti-spam Policy and Privacy Policy.

The relationship between the company and the user with regard to provision of services for the Arnacom service, is governed by the law of the Kazakhstan as well as the law of the country in which the user resides and other legislation.